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About Gagaha

Gagaha is major town in Gorakhpur district.

It is popular for the temple of Maa Durga situated at the outskirts of this town. It consists of 84 'kasbas' (sub- divisions). It is situated about 40 KM away from district Gorakhpur.
Here one can find Hospital, Police Station, Bank, Post Office, Playground and famous Intercollege for boys and Girl, Degree Colleges , apart for this Bus stand where one can get buses and other vechicle by which can go Varanasi,and Gorakhpur etc. ; GENERALLY SPEAKING



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It is a great question to us how Gagaha formed.

But, now, it is some clear about the same.........

The story begins with a place under capture of Thaaru. They threatened the security of many villages. Getting puzzled the king of Rudrapur and his comates invited ' Baba Shakti Singh ' to save the public of surrounding villages from Thaarus.
Brave, Courageous and Young Shakti Singh at the age of about 25 with his battalion marched towards Rudrapur. He Executed the Thaarus with his powerful army and helped Rudrapur's King and its public. During this period he settled here forming a village Gagaha. Even today the bravery brims in the hearts of the people of this town ...........



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